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Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Memory of My Jewel

Remembering my sister:
The sun shined on Sept. 24,1968 one beautiful Sept. morning we were all so happy the bundle of joy was here 8lbs. 21inches long so rose and adorable, what a blessing this new member of the family was, mom and dad where beaming with happiness. How I loved this precious jewel, I felt it my own that's how a 13 yr old girl that's longing for a playmate felt even thou this jewel was like a living doll you could take care and feed and dress up and show to all your friends my play thing grew up to be a very lovable and caring person full of love towards every person that got close. My jewel was good at almost everything except on love but every body else loved my jewel. I was always sadden to see how my jewel longed to have a soul mate someone to grow old with, but my jewel got used to this feeling of wanting to be the other half and was dedicated to being with loving friends and family and enjoying life or trying to, as years passed by my jewel decided to be near family and so be it, the jewel was near loved ones, my jewel seemed happy but I knew my jewel wasn't happy, specially now getting older and alone and now my jewel got sick, and continue to get sick until one day in May the sun didn't rise not for my jewel nor my family only sadnest covered me the question why? what happend is the only thing on my mind. I made this story short but in real life it wasn't that short nor insignificant it was fully lived but it could have been lived a bit longer we had plans and I was the one that was to go frist I'm the oldest. I offent think if my jewel had that soul mate my jewel most likly been alive right now. 39 yrs. is not that long and it feels so unfair to know my jewel didn't want to die, but my jewel is gone now but never forgotten, and my heart still hurts to know I will no longer here the voice not the laughter, I will no longer get those telephone calls in the middle of the night asking me ''what you doing'' and talking until dawn, telling my jewel all my deepest Sucrets, I feel a better part of me is gone and I can't get it back. I sometimes forget and I say to myself I'm going to tell my jewel this but I stop cold because I just remember my jewel is not here but then I get a feeling my jewel is near so I do say what I had to say, but it's not the same, I still miss you, I still want to talk to you here your beautiful voice. But I know we'll meet again I'm not afraid you'll come with my angel to pick me up to go back home.

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