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Happy in love with life and the people around me, proud mother of three, in love with with her six beautiful grandchildren, enjoy to the max taking pictures of family and friends and events, I'm a giver and nuturer, my hobbies, scrapbooking, photography,music, ghost stories, the supernatural, the unknown

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Loves

God, Angels, My Grandchildren all 6 of them, My Family, My Friends, People I'll meet, The Sun, The Stars, Mother Moon, Mother Earth, Water, My Beautiful Cockatiel Sweety (that loves to pull on my hair and earrings), Dogs, Cats, White mice, A Squirrel I met in Washington DC, there are more things.....

My New Pups

Hi these are my New loves they are very special just like all God creations want to give one or two of these pups to have is to love them.

It's a Matter of the Heart

Yes my dear it's a matter of the heart, it's that feeling you get when you connect with a special person and you feel you know that person from some place but just can't put your finger on it, and then you wait and see if your heart isn't fooling you or maybe your going crazy...but then Pow! how could 2 people that never met have so mush in common and then you do realize that there is a connection but you fight it cause you don't want that person to think your crazy or a nuts. This is only the second time this has has happened to me, that I have actually spoken to the person I feel this connection, and when this person tells me things you were afraid to mention, you know like the rituals to mother moon, wow talk about connection and spirituality and karma all wraped into one. Life is good and

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm so HAPPY

It doesn't take much to make me happy, I'm not even employed right now, looking but things are bad out there, but I'm looking and I will not lose faith that's the last thing I would lose or misplace , life is still good and the sun will come out tomorrow, but I'm happy, you have to be happy I have my of Angels besides me each fill me with hope and love and encouragement, not one put down and even if I would run into a negative individual I assure you when that person he/she would be a happy person too.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Life is going to the Dogs

Well not really I'm involve with Dogs?? Like I said once before I love everything and I love Dogs and Dogs and more Dogs; therefor I decided to create them, yes make those beautiful true friends of humans that only know how to give unconditional true love and I name them too so soon in this blog you'll see my or our Dogs and I know you too will fall in love just like everyone that sees them.therefore if you like our Dogs leave a comment or two and if you want one leave me a comment too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day At Imagine That!

Yes Imagine That! not what was expected but we got to spend time with Gianna's classmates and two fantastic Educators, Starting Point is very lucky to have two wonderful Educator's, they really care for our children and they are not old time teachers so we can't say oh it's the experience it's the love for the children and what they stand for. Gianna is very lucky to start her academic career with teachers like Ms. Deborah and Mrs. Wissem they are the perfect pair, they are taught respect and discipline and love all at the same time. I feel if we continew to encourage our children in this path we'll have a pretty good human being.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thank you Ladies

Hi everyone I'm very happy I won the "Abby Contest" it was a surprise when I viewed the video and at the end Krystal mentioned a beautiful tag and I said oh someone else made a tag and no it was my tag! I always try to be at Elsa's UStream classes I know she's so good at what she does, I love her work and I love the work I have seen from you beautiful ladies like of cause Elsa at http://justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/ and Krystal at http://www.krystal.blogspot.com/ and Kimie at http://www.uniquescrapiness.blogspot.com/and Laura at http://followingthepapertrail.blogspot.com and many more. I don't try to imitate, because; ladies you are all so unique, your work and my family inspire me. Elsa is my Angel but I feel she's an Angel to all of us, thank God we crossed path and that in one way or another we enriched our lives by learning from each other. Thank you ladies Hugs and lots of love to you all.