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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenges are good for the soul

This Challenge was good for me I had fun and I surprised myself, and I'm looking froward to more challenges and being more open about my love for creating and learning, I have surrounded myself with lots of creative beautiful ladies, and there's still more to learn. I thank God and my Angels for putting me in the right path and leading me to all these Human Angeles, like Elsa from ''just a few designs'' there's an Angel that loves to teach, and Laura from ''follow the paper trail'' and there a few more... Bless them all and to all thank you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you love me why hurt me?

The million dollar question or should I say questions. If you love me why do you continue to hurt me? You say you love me but you hurt me, I love you but I don't hurt you. I cover all your aggressions and insults, but you keep inflicting all this pain, Why? Love is not suppose to hurt.I don't know what I'm waiting for, maybe I'm waiting for you to be my executioner, because my savior your not, why is it that it's only me that thinks of our child, I know I needs help, we both need help. This is what our youths are living yes now a days, why expose your self to all this violence who knows, it worries me to see this in my family or in antibody's family. It brakes my heart to know and see someone so young live in this hell and still think he'll change, I too lived in an enviorment that was hell I did'nt wait too long I ran yes throw him with a big fat ashtray we had broke his lip and ran with my baby I did't want my baby to be exposed to that violence and I ran lefted the country, I wanted water between us just in case he tried to look for me he would fall and drown (I wished) from where I was I got a divorce about 6 months later made anew life for my son and I. I remarried and have been for married to my secound husband for 32 yrs. this Feb.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Amiga Del Alma (My Soul Friend)

Not to long ago I was visiting YouTube and I discovered a wonderful lady well her very creative and beautiful hands, I never had written any comment about anything I had seen on YouTube but this time I did, and to my surprise this nice person answer back. I kept viewing her videos on YouTube every time I was amaze and I comment again and this nice lady answered her name is Elsa a very talented person that made me proud, she is Latina just like me I was hooked and I was in her USteam class and there waiting for Elsa just like me were few more women I would say about 40 maybe more, the 2nd there were about 80 I had never had enjoyed myself as I have like I said her is Elsa her blog is http://www.justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/ visit her on YouTube or her blog you will be amaze of this beautiful woman creativity and you will learn things you could not believe, and she listen too and answers your questions. She's the best of the best.


Hi, this is Abby her Creator is Elsa from http://www.justafewdesigns.blogspot.com/ . I fell in love with Abby from the very first time I saw her. Coloring Abby and dressing her as a butterfly was the most satisfying thing for me I enjoyed every moment, I sincerely hope I did her justice.

I pieced her together making several copies like for example her body(face, neck, arms, legs) were chalked in the color sand with Pearlescent Chalk by Pebbles Inc. Her dress and pants were also chalked in Pink also in Pearlescent Chalk by Pebbles Inc they were glued to her body after being Chalked ,her hair and bow were also pieced together adding a Pearl and glossy accents to both. I added lace trim in the color sand from Prima, to her arms holes and neck line and the edge of her pants, and added Pearls from Crystal Stickers to the front of her dress and bottom . I used American Craft Metallic Makers to color the wings in blue, pink, green, purple,rose. The back ground paper is from Hot Off The Press (HOTP) in a soft hues of blues, pink, purples, fuchsia. The gate is made of Lollipop sticks and colored in mahogany, the 3D effects are with glue dots 1/8; the butterflies on the gate are from(3) Marcella K. and one from Country market. The tiny flowers on the gate are from Prima, the Pearls inside the tiny Prima Flowers are from Crystal Stickers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Some people bring out all the love you inside yes they make you feel like you knew them all your life, why is that I question?? is it because we have met in another life time in the words of the writer Brian L.Weiss,MD "Same Soul Many Bodies" Have we been here before? I feel we have maybe this is why we sometimes say I have been here before or I know him/her from somewhere but where? Well who knows,maybe thats why we also say we just met and we clicked. I also believe in reancarnation, am I crazy who knows. But thats my opinion.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

thinking if we only like children forgive and forget: a child is so innocent how trusting how could anybody harm a child , that means that person has no heart

Friday, February 11, 2011

Question: Have you ever wanted to do something and you had so many ideas that you couldn't bring them out of the excitement, well that just happen to me.
Woke up to a cold but sunny day, feeling good and ready to face all my challenges with God in front of me guiding me all the way, glory be his name!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wow its incredible the vulgarity of some humans! Wow they can just say or call another person a nasty word without thinking of response of the other.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Memory of My Jewel

Remembering my sister:
The sun shined on Sept. 24,1968 one beautiful Sept. morning we were all so happy the bundle of joy was here 8lbs. 21inches long so rose and adorable, what a blessing this new member of the family was, mom and dad where beaming with happiness. How I loved this precious jewel, I felt it my own that's how a 13 yr old girl that's longing for a playmate felt even thou this jewel was like a living doll you could take care and feed and dress up and show to all your friends my play thing grew up to be a very lovable and caring person full of love towards every person that got close. My jewel was good at almost everything except on love but every body else loved my jewel. I was always sadden to see how my jewel longed to have a soul mate someone to grow old with, but my jewel got used to this feeling of wanting to be the other half and was dedicated to being with loving friends and family and enjoying life or trying to, as years passed by my jewel decided to be near family and so be it, the jewel was near loved ones, my jewel seemed happy but I knew my jewel wasn't happy, specially now getting older and alone and now my jewel got sick, and continue to get sick until one day in May the sun didn't rise not for my jewel nor my family only sadnest covered me the question why? what happend is the only thing on my mind. I made this story short but in real life it wasn't that short nor insignificant it was fully lived but it could have been lived a bit longer we had plans and I was the one that was to go frist I'm the oldest. I offent think if my jewel had that soul mate my jewel most likly been alive right now. 39 yrs. is not that long and it feels so unfair to know my jewel didn't want to die, but my jewel is gone now but never forgotten, and my heart still hurts to know I will no longer here the voice not the laughter, I will no longer get those telephone calls in the middle of the night asking me ''what you doing'' and talking until dawn, telling my jewel all my deepest Sucrets, I feel a better part of me is gone and I can't get it back. I sometimes forget and I say to myself I'm going to tell my jewel this but I stop cold because I just remember my jewel is not here but then I get a feeling my jewel is near so I do say what I had to say, but it's not the same, I still miss you, I still want to talk to you here your beautiful voice. But I know we'll meet again I'm not afraid you'll come with my angel to pick me up to go back home.

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Letting Go

Still trying to let go, but it still hurts, maybe not as bad as in the begining for a time I honestly thought I was going to go crazy missing my sister that in realaty was my brother, Saw him as a baby saw him with his fight for what he really was at the end he wong, I just hope and pray he waas happy.
So happy I never felt shame nor regrets I loved him or her no matter what! But one thing I do regret I never said I love you and she cried one day telling me letting me know I never said i loved him, Why? Why? didn't I tell her how mush I cared and worried and how deep was my love for my brother was and is.
This feeling of why is as if someone took a chunk of me and buried it with him....I miss you, I still miss you and most important I love you Freddy(frances)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get busy

I have a very deep and sentimental cusin and he said something that if you think about it's true.....it's about life that life is what you make of it so get busy making it a great life. We waist so mush time in things, that are only a waist of time and energy, life is too short it can go in a whisper

Thursday, February 3, 2011

To Creat you have to know the Creator

Yes to Create one must look inside and feel for others and let others inspire you.
as you inspire them, we may not be wear of this but we inspire others.