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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If you love me why hurt me?

The million dollar question or should I say questions. If you love me why do you continue to hurt me? You say you love me but you hurt me, I love you but I don't hurt you. I cover all your aggressions and insults, but you keep inflicting all this pain, Why? Love is not suppose to hurt.I don't know what I'm waiting for, maybe I'm waiting for you to be my executioner, because my savior your not, why is it that it's only me that thinks of our child, I know I needs help, we both need help. This is what our youths are living yes now a days, why expose your self to all this violence who knows, it worries me to see this in my family or in antibody's family. It brakes my heart to know and see someone so young live in this hell and still think he'll change, I too lived in an enviorment that was hell I did'nt wait too long I ran yes throw him with a big fat ashtray we had broke his lip and ran with my baby I did't want my baby to be exposed to that violence and I ran lefted the country, I wanted water between us just in case he tried to look for me he would fall and drown (I wished) from where I was I got a divorce about 6 months later made anew life for my son and I. I remarried and have been for married to my secound husband for 32 yrs. this Feb.

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