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Monday, October 10, 2011

Some new, some not so new

I really did'nt think much of these sort of clubs, but now I have to say for a crafter and for a crafter that wants to continue to grow in the craft world these clubs?? are the best they are the best thing that could happend to a crafter that's a bit timid and shy about her work and the sharing with others and connecting with people that love to craft as you do everyone should join and do the swaps and the challenges it's the best advise I could ever give to any crafter that's not sure weather to join or not, my favorite one is MIni Album Scrapes (MAS) it's the best and they have a store (in house) that's fantastic and Lisa is a no bull person putting on the table all rules... I have grown and I love all these ladies, I should also mention A Lil Scrap Of Heaven too and Creating A Crafty life. Come check them out.

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  1. Mrs.Margie....decidí visitarle cuando leí el mensaje que le dejó a Elsa @ JAFD..Y además que me encantó tu sombrero. Super cute!! '-) Tienes cosas bien lindas en tu blog. Especialmente esos envses de arriba a la izquierda estan bellísimos. Y este de aquí a la derecha es un minibook? Me encanta. Te estoy siguiendo para seguir compartiendo y deleitandome en tu bella creatividad. Ahh, yo también soy de PR, pero vivo en FL. hace 5 años. Un saludo especial para ti..desde acá. Tambien soy miembro de MAS, así que voy a buscarte ahora mismo. Ciao!!