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Thursday, February 5, 2015

help with the pain of loss

OK how can I start or what should I start with, right now there's pain in my heart, I just lost a good friend, I'm hurting and she wasn't my child I can imagine her mother. My friend left ed 2 very young boys , she just turned 32, full of life and depression and alcohol messed up her liver and life, you ask yourself why??? some say she took her own life but I don't and I just can't believe she would terminate her own life specially when she had plans, nobody makes plans if there are planning to take their life or would they??? questions, and more questions.Only time will tell. if anyone reads this and can help me please do your comments if truthful will help and ease this pain this feeling of denial.


  1. Dear Margarita, I wish there were some magic words that I could share with you that ease your pain. Unfortunately there are none. I know the pain of loss and I know how hard it is to lose someone you love so dearly. Every one says it takes time, and as frustrating as it is to hear these words over and over and over again ... it really is true. In time the pain you feel doesn't consume you as much. You learn ways to live with the heartache - which never goes away and you learn how to live without your loved one. But there is no getting over this only getting through it....one day at a time....one minute at a time. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time Margy and I am so sorry that I cannot offer you more or help you more....just have faith and believe that one day things will be easier. Hugs Kimi

  2. Margarita- I hope you have found some peace and conformity. Don't ask why....ask the Lord to give you peace and acceptance, to move forward. Maybe trough your crafts, you can immortalize her memory. It's really sad when they go like this leaving so many questions. My heart goes with you. xoxo Marggie, I follow a few boards in Pinterest that are about God's words and teachings. Sometimes when I am sad or discourage, I just go to these boards, and then...after a while I feel a change in my mood. I will give you that recommendation. There is no way you'll forget this event or even maybe you wont get over it, but you must learn to face the new reality finding strategies to cope and continue.